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Roulette is the easiest casino game?

Talking with experienced players or casino employees, you can meet two diametrically opposed opinions about roulette.

Some will insist that this is a very tricky game, Others assure you that it is one of the most simple and affordable gambling entertainment.

The most interesting is that supporters of both opinions are right in their own way. It all depends on the position from which to assess the complexity of the game. Let’s try to answer the question of how simple the roulette is for a casino client, looking at it from different angles.
Roulette rules and gameplay

The basic rules of the game on roulette are simple.

You place the chips on the field, trying to guess in which number the ball will stop.

It is possible to learn classic types of bets in a couple of minutes.

But let’s not forget that less common rates can also be accepted at roulette, which are not so easy to figure out. We are talking about bets on sectors, adjacent numbers, komplity, finals and so on.

It is even more difficult to calculate the payouts on the roulette. Of course, a casino player does not have to do this, although some visitors, not trusting the establishment, prefer to count on their own. But the croupier should be able to determine the size of the win quickly and accurately, so for many of them the roulette is the most difficult game.

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Accordingly, if you want to understand roulette thoroughly, in order to understand it from beginning to end, you will encounter certain difficulties. But just learning how to play roulette to feel confident at the table is very simple.

Strategy game

In terms of strategy, the game of roulette is very simple. Of course, you can adopt some kind of betting system or some other method, but this will only complicate your life, but not increase the likelihood of winning. All that is required of you is to select the most preferred type of game from the point of view of the casino client and avoid the most unprofitable bets.

This topic is devoted to individual articles on the portal Casinoz, so we will not dwell on it again. You just have to understand that there is no strategy for playing roulette in this form, such as, for example, in blackjack or video poker.

In European roulette, you can bet at random (albeit blindly!), And this does not affect the theoretical return. It is better not to play American roulette at all (with rare exceptions). In French, you need to give preference to the game on equal chances, if half of the loss on them returns when a zero occurs.

On the rare types of roulette need to talk separately.

Roulette as a source of income

Roulette as a form of earnings can be considered only if you are going to cheat. We have not met any kind of game in which in one way or another honest way it would be possible to gain an advantage over the casino. In this regard, roulette is a very difficult gamble.

If you often visit real casinos, you will surely meet “wise” gambling veterans, who consider themselves professional players at the roulette table. They will tell you dozens of stories about how they managed to win fantastic amounts.

But remember:

Ludomans instantly forget about losses and forever retain memories of winnings.

They do not like to talk about failures. They prefer not to even think about them. Most likely, they didn’t even keep statistics and can’t say exactly how much their hobby for gambling in general, and roulette in particular, cost them.

So trust the math, and not the stories of roulette gamers.

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