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American Roulette online – play for free on Gamble 2 Fun

Gambling Americans have shown the world how easy it is to get rich playing roulette. Today, your attention is invited to American online roulette, which you can play for free and without registration. Residents of the United States die of envy when every player on the planet wins the sums they only dreamed of. And let the winnings are only virtual, but the emotions and gleam in the eyes are real!

American online roulette with two “zero”

Often American roulette is called a game with two “zero”, because the local wheel of fortune has 38 numbers and includes the symbol “00”. Needless to say, the double “zero” made the game more interesting? In addition to the unusual set of symbols, American roulette online, which you can play for free at any time of the day or night online, has the following distinctive features:

amazing graphics; simplicity and accessibility of mouse control; great soundtrack; the ability to choose the value of the bet; repeat desired rates.

As in the usual roulette, in the American version the key to understanding the meaning of the game is to listen to your intuition and guess which sector will stop the wayward ball. The game field includes 38 sectors, each of which can be winning or bring defeat. If you are clearly aiming “to the victory” to play, American roulette is exactly what you can please yourself with. Here you can really easily increase the score by a simple mouse click.

How to play: American Roulette by all rules

Virtual American Roulette is somewhat different from traditional classic roulette, not only because there is a double zero on the field. Since the stakes here are not real either, you can test your luck and player intuition without any damage. Otherwise, the player is given all the possibilities: to bet on a specific number, color (red / black), group, even / odd. It’s nice that the stakes can be of the chosen nominal, so if you want – play all-in, and if you want, stretch the fun and test any strategy!

The playing field in American roulette is divided into external and internal. “Inside” are three rows of a dozen numbers, equally divided in both colors. You can bet on the external field both on the whole column, and on the “zero”, as well as on the double “zero”. A player is not limited in the number of bets for one game as long as he has a “currency” in his account. Playing American Roulette online, you can easily cancel or repeat bets.

To start the roulette you need to click with the mouse on the “Play” button, and the American roulette will be launched. The ball will stop in one of the cells, the corresponding picture will appear on the screen. If this is your number, then in the category “Winnings” you will see an “increase”, which will not be slow to go to your balance.

Roulette – American Dream Come True

Your dream casino is before you! The safe game of American roulette is interesting for its brightness, saturation and excitement, hovering over the green cloth. Free, realistic and cool – what else is needed for a pleasant stay and an unforgettable experience? Check your luck playing American Roulette online!

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