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Online roulette wheel is for true fortune hunters.

This unbelievable online roulette wheel!

Among the casino games, both virtual and traditional, roulette always attracted the attention of fans of hunting for good luck. And it’s not just because game itself has quite simple rules and the outcome of the game almost does not depend on the user.

Roulette attracts because there is special atmosphere of uncertainty and the action of the magic spell of fortune. It makes no sense to calculate combinations in online roulette wheel, as may be done in poker or blackjack. It is dominated by only her Majesty Fate!

Description of roulette and differences between all types

The meaning of the game is as follows: dealer drives the wheel, and in the opposite direction of its action launches the ball. It moves along the numbered red and black holes. There are 36 roulette wheel numbersin such cells. Also, here is one green cell, numbered 0. The player bets on a number or a certain combination and if he guesses – he takes his winnings.

Despite the efforts of some gamers to unravel the patterns of loss of a number in online roulette wheel, in practice, it is proved that there is no system to win in this type of game. Only the theory of probability works here. However, some schemes still prove their justification from time to time. For example, the rate is constantly on the same color each time doubled; sooner or later roulette wheel strategy will lead to a win.

In the modern world of online gambling there are three types of roulette. These are American, European and French types:

  • American kind. This type of game with a wheel is characterized by the presence of 38 numbers on the wheel. Also, there is a double zero. If the players bet on certain combinations, and the roulette dropped zero or double zero, then all bets are lost. The probability of winning in this type is slightly lower than in the European version.
  • European type. A feature of this type is the fact that here the dealer spins the wheel with 37 numbers. In this form zero is able to give the main advantage of the casino. When you will get “0” – all players lose. This type of game is more popular than American roulette, because the chance to beat the casino user in this case is higher.
  • French variant. This version of the game offers gamers unique features that do not give other types. In case Zero falls on the wheel, the person who bet on “0” can get some compensation from the gambling club. How many numbers on a roulette wheel in this type? Here on the wheel is also 36 sectors, plus the green sector – zero.

Online and offline similarities/differences

Experienced gamers know that roulette wheel game can be played in two modes: online and offline. Both options have their own characteristics, similarities and differences. Playing in a real casino, and online mode assume the same numbering of cells. They are assigned numbers that do not have a strict priority of 1 to 36. And here is color of, red and black, as times go consistently.

In real gambling establishments sometimes there are incidents. Mechanical roulette sometimes loses centralization, its mechanism is worn or other defects are formed. Therefore, some players believe that this small error can show non-random results. The online casino has only the rule of generating random numbers and there can be no failures.

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