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Play live roulette online casino with a live dealer

The appearance of live dealer roulette literally gave the game a second wind. Many casino visitors complained that the gambling software does not convey the whole atmosphere of a real roulette at all, and it is impossible to use tactics on it, because everything works according to a given algorithm. In principle, there is some truth in this and in the online casino this game has ceased to be itself, but a roulette with live dealers has appeared and everything has changed.

The regime instantly found people who liked it and their number continues to grow rapidly. Last year, only on the mirror of the Vulkan casino bet, this version of the game appeared, today it is in almost everyone. Is this not an indicator of demand?

Online roulette with dealers

Live roulette in a casino with real dealers

If you have visited land-based casinos, then for the first time playing live roulette with a real dealer, everything will be familiar. The essence of the regime is to convey this atmosphere and allow players to feel as if in a real gambling establishment.

When you turn on online roulette with a dealer, you no longer see the virtual version of the game, but follow the online broadcast. The camera takes a real table and the person who serves the visitors. At the same time there is a chat and the ability to use a microphone for communication. In fact, this is a full-fledged roulette, only you sit at home and watch it from a distance.

Live dealers in a casino with live roulette

When the casino offers live roulette, it tries to implement this mode as accurately as possible. They take into account every detail and create a full-fledged atmosphere of presence.

Due to this, players like this option instead of the classic one, but there are other reasons:

Live roulette game You will no longer have to use a simulator. In fact, winning in virtual roulette is very difficult, because the wheel lands on numbers by some unknown algorithm and it is unrealistic to foresee the outcome of events. In this case, it all depends on blind luck, but the live ticket online returns everything to its place;

You can learn more about the game. If we play the online version, we rarely think about terminology and other trifles, but simply press buttons that are intuitive. In the case of real dealers, you have to completely saturate the game, voice your decisions in gaming slang, and sometimes even enter into discussions;

Application strategies. In this version of the roulette you can already use personal tactics, because before you is a real wheel and a ball. It is easy to trace the pattern, because the dealer does not close the gaming table and you can see everything with the help of video. That is why many are switching to live modes.

In principle, in order to understand all the advantages, it is enough to try once to play in the Pharaoh casino. All who did this leave only positive feedback. Moreover, if a year ago, only the European version was played in this way, now there is live roulette with live dealers of any kind. Accordingly, beginners may experience difficulties with the selection of a specific option.

Life Roulette

Live dealer roulette variations

In fact, the administration of the casino does not invent a bicycle and simply revives the existing types of this game. Thus, you can try your luck by playing with real dealers in:

Roulette with dealers

European Roulette. At the moment, the most famous option, which includes 36 digits and “zero”. The basic rule of this variation is that if 0 is dropped on the wheel, you will lose all your wager. Thus, the casino has a definite advantage; French Roulette. Here on the playing field everything is exactly the same, but there are certain nuances in the rules. If a player bets on 0, then in case of loss, he receives half of the bet made. This roulette is not very popular, but the most loyal to players; American Roulette. It is already played extremely rarely, because of all the options, it is not the most profitable. The fact is that in addition to the “zero” and 36 rooms there is also a “double zero”. Thus, the casino advantage over you is doubled, because, as in the case of the European, you lose everything if 0 or 00 falls. This is a list of basic differences, on the basis of which a certain choice can already be made. In this case, do not forget that different versions of the game have their own rules regarding the rates. Accordingly, in one roulette your tactic will be working, and in another you will not be able to use it at all.

Do not forget that such games even with live dealers are fully built on your luck. Many experts in the field of gambling entertainment invent strategies and then share them with the players, but not one of them will not bring you a guaranteed win. If they acted, it would be enough for one and for all, which would lead to the “death” of the roulette. You only need to arm yourself with your luck and intuition, so that besides having a good time playing the game on the site of the Vulcan gaming club, you will also receive big winnings.

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